Couple Workout Plans to Start this Valentine’s Day

These couple workout ideas for Valentine’s Day can be beneficial for you and your partner.


A couple that works out together, stays together. But don’t just take our word for it, try it out with your other half and see for yourself. What’s even better is that Valentine’s Day provides the perfect unconventional, yet perfect opportunity for both of you to get into the rhythm of a long-term commitment to working out. 


Here are a few Valentine’s Day couple workout plans which are not only effective in helping you get fit together, but can also help you develop a stronger sense of trust and communication with your partner. Hey ho, let’s go!


Body Weight Training as a Couple’s Circuit

Incorporating strength training exercises for couples is perfect for bringing excitement to your workout routine. For instance, you and your partner can perform a few basic bodyweight exercises such as squats, push-ups, planks and burpees in a circuit, completing different exercises simultaneously before progressing to another.

High intensity interval training can help you get fit fast by incorporating quick yet intense bursts which target all the muscles in your body. As a result, you will be able to increase muscular endurance and stamina, while earning a maximum burn of calories. Who’s ready to unleash the sexy beast within?!


Pedaling Together in The Name of Health

Remember that feeling you had as a kid, cycling with friends around the neighbourhood after school? Ahh, those were some good times. Good thing is, cycling isn’t something you can only do as a kid. In fact, it can actually be the perfect way to kick start your fitness journey as a couple. For that reason, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to go on an unconventional date that involves a whole lotta sweaty fun.


RPM is a group cycling programme which is suitable for those who prefer to get into their fitness routine within the confines of an indoor space. Relatively low-impact on your muscles and joints, it guarantees maximum cardio and calorie burn through replication of hill climbs, sprints and cruises that are accompanied by pumping music. Additionally, it provides an increase of anywhere between 70-84% of your maximum heart rate, allowing you to scale higher peaks in your cardiovascular fitness plan. Who’s with us for soaring to greater fitness heights?


Love is an Abode of Calm and Communication

Not every fitness journey as a couple has to epitomise “ride or die”. In actuality, the best workouts for your body can actually comprise routines that help you attain a mental balance and improved mobility, which is kinda like how relationships work. Not every argument has to go through the same routine of back and forth yelling and screaming. Sometimes, the best way to help your partner understand what you are tryna say would be through calmness and honesty. And when you and your partner are able to master this form of communication, it will allow both of you to strengthen the relationship and bond of love with each other.

Incorporating techniques which allow you to synchronise breathing and movement together as one, vinyasa yoga allows you to calm your mind and align your thoughts. As a result, the heavy clouds of negativity will be cleared, allowing your “prana” energy to move freely within your body. Deep breaths in, bad vibes out!


Feel the Rhythm and Get to ‘Bailando’

Up your Valentine’s Day workout to another level by going dancing as a couple. Throw in the latest dance tunes, a choreography of the hottest dance moves, and you’ve got yourself a total-body workout that is effective for your core as you crunch and twist to the beats of the music.


On top of that, dancing can also stimulate dopamine, which is the brain’s neurotransmitter for happy vibes. As the evening comes to a close, you and your partner would have learnt a new skill, whilst enjoying each other’s company. Truly ab-mazing!


Hanging Your Way to Being Physically Strong

Suspension training is a training method that is gradually gaining in popularity as it provides a versatile workout for individuals of all age levels. All you need is a couple of suspensions and you’re well on your way to achieve all your fitness goals and improve muscular, and cardiovascular endurance.

A workout routine which incorporates use of suspension straps allows you and your partner to use your body weight for the purpose of developing strength, balance, flexibility and core stability all at once. Train with your partner in 3-dimensional planes, using gravity to progress or regress the intensity of a total body workout for fast and effective results.

This Valentine’s Day, forego the mainstream dinner date (boring!) and drip out in sweat with your partner instead. Or you can do both, whatever. Apart from jump starting your fitness journey, it can also be a life-changing experience filled with an unexpected discovery of each other’s lovable traits. Who’s ready to take on the world, Bonnie and Clyde-style?