Benefits of Indoor Cycling

Take a ride in one of our indoor cycling classes 


If you’re looking for a great cardio exercise to help you lose weight, then cycling might just be the workout for you! Hopping on the bike gives you the benefits of a truly physical workout that is much kinder to your body than, say, running. There’s less impact (and less muscle damage and inflammations) and you also get to sculpt your lower body – pushing against the pedal is basically a resistance exercise.

One significant issue with cycling, however, is the cost of purchasing a bike and the hassle of maintenance. Well, if you opt for indoor cycling, that problem is basically gone with the wind (and now major issues with #windhair from that speed outdoors!). If you’ve not considered indoor cycling before, check out the benefits of indoor cycling.  


Spin right round, baby, right round 

When you join an indoor cycling class, what you’re essentially doing is coming together with a fellowship of gym-goers looking to get motivated to achieve their fitness goals. Each session combines great music – one sure way to get your heart thumping – with the motivational power of an inspiring instructor. Together, you’ll explore hill climbs, sprints, and flat riding. You won’t be #foreveralone and get to push each other to your limits. 


Listen to your heart 

The legendary Roxette may have been talking about romantic love but with indoor cycling, you’ll also be showing love to your heart. Indoor cycling is basically an aerobic exercise featuring peaks of intensity, so classes are designed to maintain your heart rate. The outcome? Transformative fat burning. Your body will be forever grateful.


Time after time 

We won’t lie – it may be tough the first couple of tries but if you persevere, time will be the witness to your improved cardio fitness, reduction of body fat, and the decrease of your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Who says hard work doesn’t pay off? If you put the intensity in, you’ll be in great shape in no time. 




Have we convinced you to give indoor cycling a try? At Celebrity Fitness, we’ve got your back. Check out our two indoor cycling classes to see which works for you – Peloton and Race30.  


Keep burning 

Peloton aims to help you improve your long-term endurance and strengthen your lower body. You’ll get the added benefit of losing extra calories even when it’s all over due to the “after-burn effect”. This class will give you not only the physical benefits of increased fitness, endurance, and strength but also mental advantages by helping to boost your mood. It’s truly a healthy, enjoyable activity to lose yourself in. 


Legs for days 

All it takes is 30 minutes and you’re on your way to better sculpted and sexier legs! The Race30 workout is a cycling programme that combines elements of HIIT – that’s right, high intensity! – with the best musical beats to push you for just half an hour. Keep this up and you’ll improve your general fitness, endurance, and lower body strength. And better looking legs, don’t forget the legs.