3 Easy Ways to Maintain Your Shape in Hari Raya

3 Easy Ways to Maintain Your Shape in Hari Raya


Hari Raya is identical with special prayer, socializing with family members, and enjoying traditional dishes that are often high in fat & laden, sugar, and carbohydrates. Many people often finding themselves enjoying the feast and gaining weight rapidly.  No wonder, getting back to ideal body weight has always been a common goal for some people who are celebrating Hari Raya.


Want to ditch those Raya fats and be more confident with yourself? Fret not! Here are some practical tips you can follow to keep in shape after Hari Raya!


Start Working Out Again

Your exercise may not optimal during Ramadan since you have to maintain your body for religious fasting. Now, that Ramadan is over, you can now back to your workout routines especially if you want to get those packs again. You might want to try High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) that is really popular to burn calories significantly. Or, if you want to start slowly, jogging or cardio dance can be your exciting options. The point is to make your body move again after putting it on sleep mode during Ramadan.


Eating Nutritious Food

After binge-eating those typical Hari Raya dishes, it's time to return to your healthy eating habits. Getting back to your ideal body weight after Hari Raya requires you to pay attention (again) to your diet. Avoid eating fast food, sugar, and salt in large portions so that the weight loss process can take place faster, especially if you combine with regular exercise.


Fixing Your Sleeping Pattern

During Ramadan, you are obliged to wake up early morning to consume your pre-dawn meal. Now as you want to pursue your healthy lifestyle, you might want to go back to your bedtime as before Ramadan to maintain your body's biological clock. In fact, lack of sleep can affect blood sugar levels, impaired liver function, and increase the risk of stroke.


You cannot expect your sleep pattern to get back to its normal in a one or two days. It is believed it takes 10 to 14 days for your body to get back to its sleeping routine.