Hey Celebs,


Untuk mencegah penyebaran virus Covid-19 di klub kami, semua member Celebrity Fitness diwajibkan mengisi formulir kesehatan diri sebelum memasuki klu. Partisipasi Anda penting untuk membantu kami mengambil tindakan pencegahan untuk melindungi seluruh member Celebrity Fitness Indonesia.

Silakan klik tautan di bawah ini sesuai dengan bahasa yang ingin kamu pilih.

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus and reduce the potential risk of exposure in our clubs, all members are required to fill in a self-assessment health form prior to entering our Celebrity Fitness clubs. Your participation is important to help us take precautionary measures to protect you and our other members.

Please click the provided link to fill in the form in your preferred language.


EN: https://forms.gle/xh3Jptw8xarFkAJ17

ID: https://forms.gle/9DdEidUNhKRSZC9y7

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